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It's taken years to make the leap from simply baking for family and friends to actually starting Kraken Bakes. After catering our own wedding, we figured what the heck? If we can do this, we can surely make a go of it. So here we are!

Primarily focused on work in the larger GTA, we sometimes travel as far afield as Niagara Falls or Windsor in search of the right events and markets for our brand.


We focus on great food, all hand made from recipes you might encounter traveling the world. These are recipes that grandma would make if she were Danish, or French, or Mexican. You get the idea. Comforting treats no matter where you're from.


Alysha Skogstad - Head Everything

From product development to social media, Alysha wears many hats and is the driving force behind Kraken Bakes. You will find her in the GTA, Kitchener/Waterloo regions and sometimes as far as Niagara Falls.

Henrik Skogstad - Head Cheerleader & Heavy Lifter


Begrudgingly supportive, but can be coaxed into helping out on occasion. Can be found at all of our big events and is frequently spotted doing set-ups and tear downs.

Samantha Siggens - Expert Get Stuff Doner

Our head of Southern Ontario operations. Sam's the one we call when we're down to the wire or when we need extra hands for a big event. You will see her at markets from Windsor to London, mostly focused in the Chatham-Kent area.